Bluebird 7
Keys 5

Discovering the World

Holly S. Murray

As I worked through Whales and Bluebirds, my last two bodies of paintings; I continued thinking more about the world’s oceans. I think of them as the original high ways of our world, as they always have been. These waterways have enabled the exchange of ideas, arts, religion, and cultural mores. I began to think about explorers; countries or groups within a country that
vanquished other countries and or people, for exampleRomans,conquistadors and Visigoths.

With this work I am investigating metaphors that parallel our world today. As I research imagery in historical texts and images available in popular culture, I alter, transform and incorporate them into this current work creating challenging disparate images. I am exploring ideas of
consumption as it relates to the history of “exploration” and the ensuing cross cultural

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