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Writing's on the Wall
September 6, 1999

Artist Statement for installation ”The Writing's on the Wall” at Arno Maris Gallery at Westfield Sate College in the fall of 1999

Through the use of appropriated images, photography, video and objects from daily life this installation addresses notions and conceptions of female identity in American popular culture. Specifically the work investigates the process by which young girls, adolescents and young women construct self knowledge and come to define their identity. Drawing upon feminist theory and collaborative personal experiences of both young and mature women, the work examines the interaction of young women and theory as it intersects and overlaps. Overriding the current cultural imagery, the written word or “voice” of women deconstructs notions of “construct”. The installation suggests and problematizes ways in which young women resist the forces of ideology inherent in popular culture and define their own experiences.